by: Submitted Photo - E-5 Janile McQueen

   Janile McQueen, a 1999 graduate of Madras High School, has been stationed near Kabal in Afghanistan since June 12. She is the daughter of Jesse and Kim King, sister of Jacob King, and granddaughter of June Siwicki, all of Madras.
   According to her mother, Janile was in the JROTC program at MHS and has been in the Oregon National Guard for five years. With an E-5 rank, she mostly drives truck in Afghanistan, and also does office work.
   She is on a one-year tour in Afghanistan and is scheduled to be home on leave in January. Her husband, Logan McQueen and stepdaughter, Isis, 6, live in Eugene. Her husband spent a year in Iraq, but is no longer in the military.
   "Her family is very, very proud of her," said Janile's mother.
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