>   To the Editor,
   Why does Culver School District need a new school anyway?
   Imagine for a minute that you are at a football game. There are so many people crowding the stadium that you can hardly get from here to there without bumping into someone.
   Now imagine that this is what your children have to do every day to get from one class to another at school. It's like a fish trying to swim upstream, which is not very easy at all.
   Now I am not saying that Culver is that bad yet, but if we don't do something about it now, we most certainly will be with the way the schools are growing.
   Right now Culver School District is rapidly approaching a 700-student enrollment for the current school year. There are so many kindergarten students this year that two full classes plus a K/1 combo class have been scheduled. All other elementary classes have at least two teachers each as well. Average class size is 25 students per room at the elementary, but some classes are pushing 30.
   In the past, enrollment increased by an average of 3 percent each year with no sign of slowing. This year the district enrollment increased by 12 percent.
   Now we are facing a very familiar problem, one we faced ten years ago. Where do we put all the children?
   This situation is not going to get better by doing nothing. Building another school is the only option. I know that one of the biggest issues facing this endeavor is how we fund it.
   But there is a way -- by supporting a bond to build a new elementary school and additions to the middle and high schools.
   Culver's growth is not slowing down. Just recently the city of Culver had 45 acres of land (plus an additional 15 acres to be considered later) submitted for urban growth boundary expansion. If approved, this land will accommodate at least 250 more homes.
   With this addition as well as Crooked River Ranch's continued growth, we as taxpayers, parents, community members and leaders have an obligation to stay ahead of the line in the education department.
   There is no question that we need bigger schools. The real question is what are we going to do to make sure we get the classroom space needed to educate all the children?
   I know some of you may feel that because you don't have kids in school why should you care to support the bond.
   Well you know what? I don't have children, but one day when I do become a parent, I would hope that my children would be entitled to the same level of education as I was. It is the least they deserve.
   After all, kids are our future. If we don't make sure they have a good education now, then what will we leave them with when we are gone?
   As a member of the "Kids Are Our Future, Vote Yes" Committee, I support the new school bond. I am also a local business owner, a 20-year resident of Culver and a Culver High School graduate.
   Please show your support and vote "yes" on the new elementary school and the additions to the middle and high schools.
   It's not just for our children but also for our community and our future.
   Mindy A. Harnden
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