>   To the Editor,
   The current improvement of East B Street was welcome news, until we noticed that there was no mention of the addition of sidewalks. Surely this cannot be true? How could our growing community fail to install sidewalks on the main street to several schools, a large new subdivision, the aquatic center, a senior living center, hospital, and the largest, most used park in the entire town?
   To call this an oversight would be an understatement! Each week we read about the 1500 homes planned for the Yarrow subdivision, So why not mitigate for the increased traffic?
   Some growth is welcome, but when city planning fails to notice the need for basic infrastructure like sidewalks we begin to wonder if they represent the citizens or the developers.
   We suggest voting this November for elected officials whose primary job is city government rather than real estate. This was (is!) an easy fix. How could our planners miss this? The same issue is developing on Oak Street, and there are no sidewalks. Almost every day we see elderly people, children, and families walking in these areas as traffic races by. Maybe the sidewalks will come later, and this is a false alarm. For all those children that walk to school or people that currently jog in the bike lane, we hope so.
   Also we hope that our local government would care enough about our future to invest in a legitimate safety measure. It's not too late. Come on, Madras, let's think holistically about our future planning and put some action behind the buzzwords.
   Tiffany and Scott Turo
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