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   Madras students Tes Sensibaugh and Jae Jensen won top awards for their creations in the 2006 Inventerprise Contest, sponsored by Bend Research Inc.
   This year's contest challenged students to invent a game that would still be popular in 50 years. Nearly 400 Central Oregon students submitted 300 projects to the contest, which offered enticing prizes.
   At the high school level, freshman Tes Sensibaugh, the daughter of Denver and Laurie Sensibaugh, won second place for the whole region for her game that explores ancient Greek mythology.
   Her "Mount Olympus: Make it to the Top" board game had players circle the board three times, answering trivia cards along the way. Each card also gives the correct answer, so by the end of the game, players are well-versed in Greek mythology.
   Last Wednesday, Tes received a check for $400, T-shirt, an certificate from Becky Taillon of Bend Research.
   Jefferson County Middle School seventh-grader Jae Jensen tied with a team from Cascades Academy for the top middle school entry.
   Jae, the daughter of Susan Jensen of Madras, designed the concept for a game in which the player attempts to use remote control to guide a hovering ball through a maze of laser beams.
   Part of Jae's incentive to enter the contest was the possibility of winning an iPod, and luckily, the top middle school winners were allowed to choose from a selection of prizes including an iPod, digital camera, a mountain bike or a season ski pass to Mt. Bachelor.
   Local elementary school winners were:
   Madras Elementary, first grade: Daniel White, Chris Blount, Byron Garcia, Armon Amaya.
   Buff Elementary, fourth grade: Sophia Gemelas.
   Buff Elementary, fifth grade: Pali Kaloi-Jordan, Monique Ashwill and Sayra Amador.
   The elementary winners received T-shirts and, along with the other winners, were invited to attend a special Science Night presentation at Bend Research.
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