by: Submitted Photo - The mermaids and merman in the Culver play were, from left, Lexie Merrill, Unity Ballard, Daphnie Taylor, Tiffany Belvoir, and Bolt Anglen.

Culver Elementary students stared in "The Little Mermaid" play Dec. 15, delighting audiences at afternoon and evening performances.
   The students earned money by selling cookie dough to bring The Missoula Children's Theatre to Culver so they could put on a play.
   The cast of characters included: Lexie Merrill as Celia, Daphnie Taylor as Amelia, Bolt Anglen as Gil, Clay Gibson as the King, Tiffany Belvoir as Delia, Unity Ballard as Ophelia, Ryan Allen as the Prince, and Diandra Clevenger as the Queen.
   The Scouts were played by: Jazmin Ruiz, Alex Pettersen, Jordan Henson, Zane Aylett, Ashlyn Leeper, Erika Lopez, Stefanie Espindola, Jake Bumgardner, Cheryl Aldred, Gideon Faulconer, Breanna Cooper-Tye, Emily McDonald, Reagan Shelley, and Justin Babcock.
   Town Criers were: Caitlyn Robinett, Lynze Schonneker, Oakley Cavalli, Jessica Howell, Hannah Lewis and Noe Gonzales.
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