"It landed on the roof and rolled off and I said 'Oh my God, what happened?'"

by: Photo By Tony Ahern - A boat shed blew off its foundation and into a tree on Bear Drive.

   Violent winds that swept across the entire Northwest Dec. 14 and 15 knocked down trees and branches, smashed a shed, and blew off doors in the Madras area.
   "It landed on the roof and rolled off and I said, `Oh my God, what happened?'" recalled Norma Leggette, who lives on Northeast Ninth Street. "We opened the door and here were these branches sticking in your face." A large branch had fallen on her roof.
   Leggette was just one of many county residents affected by the storm. At Mary Galloway's home on Southwest Bear Drive, the powerful winds lifted an 18-foot-long, three-sided boat shed off its foundation and left it in a tree. The boat was barely touched. "We don't have a clue what's missing," said Larinda Galloway, her daughter-in-law. "It was very scary."
   Pacific Power experienced numerous small outages, according to spokesman Dave Kvamme. "There were multiple broken poles. Crews worked throughout Friday and on into Saturday before they were able to return customers to service."
   The Jefferson County Fire Department reported trees down on South Highway 97, Highway 361, on a vehicle at Green Spot Trailer Court, and over a power line at Jefferson Court Apartments.
   "We went around and cleared roads," said fire marshal Mark Carman. "It's probably one of the worst storms I've been associated with. The flying debris was unbelievable. We lost about 200 square feet of shingles here at the fire hall."
   At the airport four doors were blown off two hangars, and a Cessna 172 was damaged. "The doors blew in on it, and banged it up a little bit," said J.W. Marshall, noting that the plane belongs to Rick Langsford of Redmond.
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