Name and punishment of the bus driver not yet released

TriMet will discipline the bus driver in the infamous crying baby case.

TriMet has still not identified the driver who kicked a mother off a bus because her baby was crying. But in a late Friday afternoon press release, TriMet General Manager said her actions on Sept. 29 violated the regional transit agency's rules.

McFarlane called the incident unfortunate for everyone on the bus, which began service at the Beaverton Transit Center. McFarlane said the driver's actions were not representative of other TriMet drivers, who provide more than 100 million trips a year.

TriMet rules prohibit vulnerable riders from being abandoned.

TriMet is releasing an eight-minute video showing the interaction between the operator and mother and crying child. The mother and child board the bus at the Beaverton Transit Center about 45 minutes before the video clip begins.

The video begins as operator is picking up riders in Hillsboro.

A transcript of the video released by TriMet shows the following sequence:

:35 - Operator remains at stop and makes an announcement about the child's crying.

1:40 - Operator walks to back of bus and has about conversation with mom.

3:26 - Operator walks to front of bus to grab candy from her bag, while mom begins to gather her things and deboards out the back door.

4:00 - Operator leaves the bus to connect with mom on sidewalk.

4:45 - Two other riders also leave the bus to try to help deal with the situation.

5:10 - Operator and the two other riders reboard the bus, mom and child stay behind.

5:30 - Passengers exit bus with strollers and other items.

6:17 - Operator starts driving the bus, but stops after about 15 seconds she stops and contacts dispatch

7:08 - Handful of riders gets off.

8:03 - Rest of riders leave the bus.

The link to the video is ftp://This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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