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by: Photo By Debbie Lyons  - Culver Elementary bos top winners, from front left, Joseph Russo, Dracy Pate, Jordan Bender, Elizabeth Bautista. Back, Cruzito Sevilla, Stacey Alonso, Hector Leal, Samantha Symons and Joie VanAlstyne.

By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Ever wonder what those little box tops squares on packages you purchase when going grocery shopping are for? Culver Elementary students could explain it to you easily in a few words ... money for our schools! Culver Elementary School has been collecting box tops for seven years, starting in 2000, to help raise money for their school.
   In 1998, General Mills launched Box Tops for Education, a nationwide fund-raising program for K-eighth grade schools to redeem box top coupons on selected food service products. Each box top coupon is worth 10 cents.
   Now it includes products from Pillsbury, Progresso, Old El Paso, Green Giant, Totinos, and Gold Medal. It also includes products outside of General Mills.
   Laura Kerr took over the box top coordinator position last year. She saidd last year's goal was $500. They just missed that goal by a few dollars.
   She set a goal for this year of $650. They brought in $497 in the fall of 2006 and received that payment in December 2006. Some $432 of box tops were sent in for January 2007 and another $100 for February 2007. These checks will be received in May.
   The box top amounts are "banked" until the two times a year they are paid out, which is December and May.
   Laura commented they will make approximately $1,000 this year schoolwide. She included the middle school this year. Middle school students can bring in box tops and receive "power paws."
   The monies raised go to the Parent-Teacher Organization, which assists the Culver school with purchase of school supplies, equipment, and activities within the district.
   This year the PTO has purchased several overhead projectors for the elementary school, and helped fund the elementary schoolwide field trip to see the presentation of "Holes" in Bend, on Tuesday, March 6.
   In the Culver Middle School, the PTO has assisted with purchasing Team Wear, helped fund the sixth grade OMSI field trip and the Road Scholar field trip.
   In the high school, the PTO has helped fund Science Olympic trips and various supply needs over the years.
   "I think it's a wonderful and easy way to earn money for the school," explained Laura Kerr.
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