>Several advocate consideration of Evan Brown

   A decision on the hiring of a new athletic director/assistant principal for Madras High School was postponed for two weeks at Monday night's school board meeting, because only three board members were present and they wanted a vote of the full board. Steve Earnest and Lyle Rehwinkel were not present.
   During citizen's comments earlier in the meeting, teacher Barb McGinnis read a statement in support of MHS coach and teacher Evan Brown for the position.
   "His application was never considered," McGinnis said, adding, "The TSPC (Teacher Standards and Practices Commission) will issue administrative licenses for people enrolled in the program."
   The assistant principal part of the job requires an administrative license, which Brown is still in the process of obtaining. McGinnis believed his application did not pass the initial screening committee because of this.
   "If we have someone within our community (who qualifies), why would we bring in an outside person?" she asked, requesting that Brown be allowed to interview for the job.
   Teacher Lonnie Henderson also spoke in favor of Brown, saying, "My question is, what is our philosophy of hiring from within? I, myself am going through an administrative program and I need to know ... and not go through the process if the consideration isn't there."
   Henderson remarked that, "(Retiring AD) Margaret Sturza's portfolio would have been thrown out also under this current process." He indicated Sturza did not have an administrative certificate when she was hired as AD/assistant principal.
   When the topic came up again during personnel discussions, board member Mary Jo Deuel asked Superintendent Guy Fisher to describe the AD/assistant principal hiring process "because there is interest from the community." A capacity crowd of teachers also attended Monday night's meeting.
   Fisher said the job was posted as an assistant principal job, and applications went through two different screening committees.
   Board member Jeff Sanders said he was on the first committee and 19 applications were received. That committee was made up of people from the high school, Buff boosters and the school board.
   The best applications were sent to a second committee, which evaluated them and chose the top four, which were then interviewed. Board member Julie Quaid said she was on the interview committee.
   Besides being interviewed, the top four were rated and asked to write a situational essay.
   The names of the top two candidates from that process were given to the superintendent, who interviewed them in order to make a recommendation to the board.
   Deuel asked if that was the usual process? Fisher said yes, screening committees are normally used and two were used in this case because they wanted to be thorough.
   Concerning TSPC granting an emergency administrative license, Fisher noted, "The district applies to the state saying you had no qualified applicants and you had to hire someone who doesn't qualify (have a license)."
   "And how long have we known Margaret was going to retire," asked Quaid. "Two years," Fisher responded.
   Sanders commented, "Historically, in the past, when openings have come up we have always included staff people on the committees. I voiced my concern to Steve on the process of this position."
   "I think we need more discussion and I would like to defer until we have a full board here," Sanders suggested.
   "I think that's a very good suggestion," Deuel said, and the board voted to postpone the decision until the April 9 meeting.
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