by: Photo By Gary Lindberg - Evan Brown talks to the Madras boys' basketball team during the Buffs' home loss to Mountain View in January.

Evan Brown says his future at Madras is uncertain after not being considered for the high school athletic director position.
   The veteran White Buffalo boys' basketball coach applied for the AD position when it opened up last month. Brown did not advance into the interview process.
   Any final decision on a new athletic director was postponed at Monday night's school district 509-J board meeting. The position combines the athletic director duties along with being a half-time vice principal.
   "It was a surprise that they didn't at least talk to me," Brown said.
   A criteria for the AD/vice principal position is having administrative credentials. The 15-year Madras coach is in the two-year process of obtaining his administrative credentials. That involves getting a master's degree one year and being in administrator classes the next year.
   Brown applied with the idea he would be able to petition, along with the district, for an administrator's license. That three-year waiver would allow Brown to be an administrator while obtaining his credentials.
   "The person and school have to coapply," Brown said. "The district chose not to."
   Thus, Brown is considering his career options. He has yet to make a decision on continuing as the Madras basketball coach. He did say if he was selected as the athletic director, it would end his coaching career.
   "I need to decide within the next few weeks to allow the district an opportunity to get a quality person," Brown said. "They need to tie that in with a teaching position to get a quality coach."
   "Until I make a decision, I'm acting as if I'll be the coach next year," Brown said.
   Brown became the Buff head coach starting in the 1992-93 season. Madras has won four 3A state trophies in his tenure: finishing second in 1997, third in 1995, fifth in 1998 and eighth in 2000.
   Brown has coached for a total of 25 years. He was at Scio and Harrisburg as a head coach. He was also an assistant coach at Lane Community College in Eugene the season before coming to Madras.
   The Buffs moved up to the 5A Intermountain Conference this past season, finishing third (16-9 overall). Brown was voted the IMC co-coach of the year along with Mountain View's Craig Fuller who was automatically selected as his team won the IMC title.
   "I've often said if I leave Madras, it'll have to be something better," Brown said. "Madras is a good place to coach basketball, but but I've been coaching for 25 years. I'm kind of ready to be done with that (coaching) and move onto the next path of my career."
   That phase, Brown admits, was being the Madras AD.
   "I still want to stay involved in athletics. Being an athletic director is the natural progression," Brown said. He added he's been job shadowing current Madras AD Margaret Sturza to "learn the ins and outs of the job."
   Another consideration for Brown is his uncertainty about coaching his own son. Nick is an eighth grader at Jefferson County Middle School this year while his younger son Ethan is in fifth grade.
   "I've always said I have no desire to coach my own son," Brown said. "At some point, it pits the dad against the mom and son."
   Brown said he's talked to several coaches who have coached sons.
   "Some swear it worked very well," Brown said. "They'd do it again. Nearly everyone said at one time there's the dad/coach vs. mom-son scenario."
   Brown adds his wife, Amy, is very supportive of him continuing coaching.
   "I totally enjoy my time on the court," Brown said. "The family dynamic of coaching my own kid is quite another matter."
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