>   To the Editor,
   Following are questions that you must ask yourself when you cast your vote for Tribal Council.
   What is their motive for wanting to be on Tribal Council? What type of example have they set for their children and other family members? Have they been honest and upright in their present position as a leader to their department and/or family? Have they made true amends for past wrongdoing?
   Our reservation needs honest, upright and transparent leaders. What is transparent? To be transparent you must have nothing hidden in your life. We must have transparent leaders who can and will make decisions without having others manipulate or control them.
   Each person is an individual and you must make an individual choice. Do not just vote for someone because they are your family or friend. Vote for the person that you know can and will be truthful and honest as a Tribal Council leader. Vote for the person that you know will stand for what is right in all situations and cannot be manipulated with money, power and prestige (reputation).
   Sarah J. Frank
Warm Springs
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