d help in learning the correct methods to prune or plant a tree?
   A tree workshop, sponsored by the Madras High School forestry class and the city of Madras Urban Forestry Commission in honor of Arbor Day, will be held at 10 a.m., Saturday, April 21, at MHS/Eastern Oregon Field Day Forestry Competition.
   Mark Stangland, certified arborist, and a tree specialist from Pacificorp will give presentations on how to correctly prune and plant a tree, and the damage that can be caused by topping a tree.
   MHS forestry students will be competing at the field day, matching forestry skills with other students from the eastern side of the state.
   The city of Madras Urban Forestry Commission will hold an Arbor Day celebration at noon, where a tree will be planted and awards will be presented for the Trees Are Terrific and Forests Are Too coloring contest.
   For more information, call 475-2622.
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