People need to focus on local politics

Politics is not local anymore.

Today's politics is far-reaching from around the country and it is not, according to the late Tip O'Neill, former speaker of the House, local anymore.

Too much politics over the airwaves are focused on a few politicians far away from local events. Television has brought us a worldview, but of no interest to local issues nor power to the people. The next presidential election has focused on who will occupy the White House. Today's political candidates try to rule around the country. A lot of flip-flopping on issues is raising concerns from people on credibility. Taking one issue then getting on their private jets to another area around the country and a total different agenda emerges.

This is bad politics and look where it has got us - more people on food stamps than ever before. We should be more concerned about what goes on in our neighborhoods than some electronic picture being pumped into our homes from thousands of miles away.

Where is the local politics? People are not stocking their shelves with food anymore, but giving money to politicians they see on television. The American people are being dumbed-down by today's politics. Occupy Wall Street has been the mantra this past few weeks. Look what Wall Street has done: Predatory lending, shipping factories and jobs overseas and not hiring local workers, the banking mess by Wall Street and the CEO's manipulating the laws in their favor, which is too far reaching for the local person to understand or control. Politicians and CEOs should realize they cannot and should not control every aspect of our lives.

Their eyes are not even big enough to see over the next horizon. Tip O'Neill's version of politics that 'All Politics is Local' is in great need these days.

Mike Brink


Publishing map of tragedy insensitive

How insensitive of the Outlook to give a detailed map - on the front page no less - of where a tragedy occurred. Would not just giving the vicinity be enough?

Many years ago, my parents lost their lives in a car accident in downtown Portland. At that time their home address was listed in the newspaper. It was very difficult to be at the home and have people drive by and stare and point the house out.

This family needs compassion and empathy - not publicity.

Marie Gallant


Mayor wrong to treat protesters differently

Since when does the mayor of the city of Portland have the authority or legal right to determine which laws are to be enforced and which are not?

By letting these protesters continue to camp in the downtown parks with impunity, since he told the police to keep hands off even though they are violating ordinances, discriminates against all of us who obey the laws and sets a dangerous precedent.

Since when is any cause above the law? I think it's time for the mayor to go. He sets a terrible example for all of us.

Louis H. Bowerman


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