by: Photo By Debbie Lyons - Sixth graders who paid 50 cents to wear hats in school to raise money for Vernonia flood victims included, from left, Britni Jordan, Unity Ballord, Babe Stafford, Bolt Anglen and Juan Diaz.

By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
    Culver Elementary and Middle School students held fundraisers to earn funds to help the flood victims of Vernonia, Oregon.
    Elementary Principal Stefanie Garber had notified her staff about her idea to raise money for Vernonia and asked for ideas. First grade teacher Jan Kelly offered the idea to hold a coin/dollar drive in each of the classes. Piggy banks were put in all classrooms kindergarten thru fifth grades from December 11 to December 18th. Incentives for the students consisted of candy for all classes who participated.
    The top two earning classes were Glenda Cloud's second grade class which raised $134.02 and Kelly Cloud's fourth grade class which raised $90.00. These two classes earned a pizza party for their efforts.
    The elementary students raised a total of $501.78. Garber stated they added an additional $200.00 out of general student body funds for a total of $701.78. She commented, "One of the reasons I love working here is we have kids who care."
    "Show Vernonia the Love" was the Culver Middle school's theme for their winter dance on Friday, December 14th. Kim Kaylor's leadership class teamed up once again with Barb Ibrahim, Culver School District Tobacco prevention coordinator, and the Free to breath tobacco prevention program to sponsor the dance.
    Blaire Anglen stated, "Students paid to get into the dance and approximately fifty students attended ." Jose Gonzalez explained that students also could purchase pictures at the dance for $2.00. All students that participated received a coupon entering them into a drawing. Winners were eighth grader Mariah Daugherty and seventh grader Arriana Adams. They each get to invite five friends and have a bowling party sometime in January 08. There also was a gift exchange for students who wished to participate. All profits from the dance went to help the flood victims.
    Middle school leadership students also held other fundraisers during the week of December 17 to December 21st. Monday thru Thursday of that week students could wear a hat in school all day by paying 50 cents. Also students could bring their mp3 or cell phones those days by paying $1.00 and use them before and after school or during lunch time or in between classes. On Friday, students could pay $1.00 to wear pajamas all day to school.
    A total of $318.45 was raised by the middle school students during all of their fundraising activities.
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