by: Submitted Photo - Keith employees with the donation check, from left, Jack Morris, Laura Crocker, Brenda Jones, president Mark Foster, and Berdi Wachter.

   To celebrate the holiday season, the employees of KEITH Manufacturing Co. recently donated $2,365, benefiting the Keith Foster Engineering Scholarship Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation.
   The scholarship, which was established in 2006, is named for the founder of KEITH Manufacturing Co.
   Keith Foster created the scholarship as part of a continuing commitment to improving engineering technology education throughout Oregon, with special emphasis on Central Oregon.
   He passed away in April of 2006, but through the scholarship he continues to cultivate the next generation of engineering students.
   The donation was presented to Mark Foster, Keith's eldest son and the president of KEITH Manufacturing Co. Contributions continue to come in, so the final donation amount is expected to increase.
   The Keith Foster Engineering Scholarship program provides an annual $2,500 stipend for college-bound Oregon students, as well as summer internships with the company.
   Scholarship monies must be spent on tuition, room/board or textbooks. Applicants must be seeking an associate's degree or bachelor's degree in manufacturing, mechanical or industrial engineering, engineering technology or industrial technology at an accredited institution.
   Located in Madras, KEITH Manufacturing Co. makes the Walking Floor unloader, which has provided a variety of industries with reliable and innovative material handling equipment for nearly 35 years.
   For more information on the scholarship, contact KEITH's Human Resources Department at 475-3802.
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