>   To the Editor,
   The national elections of 2008 could prove to be one of the most important to take place in the history of our nation.
   Our society seems to be split on many issues confronting our nation today. Polls indicate that most Americans have lost faith in the federal government and its ability to meet their expectations -- approval ratings for Congress and our president are at an all time low. To put it in a nutshell, most believe that as a nation we are in deep trouble.
   The decisions handed down by the next presidential administration, as well as those made by the next U.S. Senate and Congress will dictate what is in store for the future of our nation's children and grandchildren. It's very important that our nation's registered voting public does its homework and gets to the voting booth on Election Day.
   What's disgraceful is that we have the freedom to vote toward the destiny of our nations future by attending the polls on Election Day, yet voter turnout of those registered to vote is usually low and what's worse is that many Americans fail to do their patriotic duty by registering to vote. Such a freedom is taken for granted. What is amazing is that the citizens of Iraq voted to place the foundations of a democratic government in place in their nation while under the threat of paying the ultimate price for their efforts. Yet, brain-dead Americans can't see the light of taking control of their own destiny at the voting polls where no threat of harm exists.
   I've always believed there are two voting blocks in our nation which have the ability to sway the outcome of its future -- the gun owners and those proclaiming religious faith.
   If every gun owner (hunters, those involved in firearm competitions and those that kept firearms for self-protection) of the nation were registered to vote and carried out that patriotic duty at the voting polls, gun control, hunting and other recreational issues would not be held in question or placed in jeopardy like they are today. Those that strongly believed in the second Amendment of our national Constitution would have placed those in political offices that felt obligated to protect such rights.
   The most common argument against voting I hear among hunters and gun owners is "Why should I vote when my vote doesn't count?" This display of ignorance is ludicrous. There have been decisions made by a single vote that have swayed historical events throughout the world.
   If all those that lay claim to religious faith had taken an active part at the voting booths over the past three or four decades, we would probably still have prayer in our schools and before sporting events as well as at high school graduation ceremonies. Such a strong voting force could have eliminated efforts toward banning the Ten Commandments from public display and nativity scenes at public squares during the Christmas Holidays.
   Leaning on the "God will take care of things" concept is as ludicrous as the "my vote doesn't count" concept. The good Lord wants us to take on the responsibility of directing our nation's destiny. If our forefathers had left the sole responsibility of bringing about the birth of this great nation to God alone, we would probably still be a nation under British rule. God worked through those great men to bring about the most powerful nation on earth. No doubt, He expects us to assist toward maintaining our nation's sovereignty by doing our part at the voting booth. "God helps those that help themselves."
   Ron Parker
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