>Crooked River Ranch Roundup
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   Housing sales at Crooked River Ranch reflected the downward nationwide trend in 2007 versus 2006, resulting in a realignment of CRR real estate marketing assets and a hint of more to come.
   As reported by Brett Davies of Crooked River Realty, there were fewer stick-built and manufactured homes with acreage sold in 2007.
   Sales of stick-built homes dropped 59 percent, from 58 in 2006 to 24 in 2007, while 90 manufactured homes were sold in 2006, dropping to 44 in 2007.
   The median sales price for stick-built homes on acreage increased from $261,838 in 2006, to $314,250 in 2007, but the median sales price for manufactured decreased slightly during the same period, from $190,000 to $182,950.
   According to Davies, the increase in median selling price counters the decrease in unit sales due to a trend to larger stick-built homes away from manufactured housing units that has prevailed for several years on the Ranch.
   Homes were on the market longer in 2007 than 2006, also, with stick-built homes averaging 159 days in 2007, compared to 103 in 2006, and manufactured homes averaging 131 days, compared to 98.
   The consensus of local market pundits is that they hope last year's downward trend has hit -- or is close to -- the bottom but don't know for sure.
   They're confident the trend will reverse at some point but hesitate at present to make a specific forecast of how 2008 CRR house sales will pan out.
   Not surprisingly, the extremely disappointing 2007 CRR home sales have resulted in some fallout and shifting of CRR marketing assets.
   Canyon Real Estate and RE/MAX, both longtime factors in CRR real estate sales closed their Ranch offices this past year. Canyon went out of business and RE/MAX reacted to the downturn by closing both its Madras and CRR facilities while retaining a Redmond office.
   In late January, CRR broker Karin Powers and the broker team of John Klukkert, Dianne Fogus and her daughter Megan Starkey resigned a longstanding association with Crooked River Realty and joined Century 21 North Homes, based in Seattle, with 23 offices in the Northwest including Redmond in Central Oregon.
   Crooked River Realty has been a significant factor in CRR real estate for 31 years, with offices both in Crooked River Ranch and Terrebonne.
   Powers said she "was the number one selling agent on the Ranch in 2007," and Klukkert added that their broker team "was number one on the Ranch for several years running."
   According to spokesperson Rick Neville at the Century 21 Redmond office, "We have 14 percent of the Redmond real estate market and consistently more sales and listings than any other Redmond broker."
   He also confirmed Century 21 was considering several locations for a CRR office, which they "had hoped to open yesterday."
   In the meantime, Powers and the Klukkert team will operate out of home offices.
   Klukkert said their team made the change to Century 21 because it "offers a better incentive program and more freedom to brokers to run their own business."
   Powers said she wanted to be associated with "a realtor that provides an international, national and local network for listings and inquiries as well as CRR information," which she thinks "has distinct advantages over being with a local broker which has only local exposure."
   According to Klukkert, Powers and Brett Davies, rumors are rampant about ongoing negotiations for additional changes in local realtor affiliations and ownership. None could be confirmed.
   Nancy Popp, Crooked River Realty owner, denied her company was listed for sale "despite two rumors to that effect I've heard over the last couple of days."
   Rep. Huffman sets meet
   State Rep. John Huffman (R-The Dalles) will meet the public and share his views at a Town Hall meeting at Crooked River Ranch on Tuesday, Jan. 29.
   The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Ranch Administration Building.
   Huffman was appointed to the position vacated by John Dallum in August, 2007. He has lived in District 59 since 1984, and said that he understands the unique needs and diversity of issues that face rural communities.
   He has served on the House Interim Committee on Workforce and Economic Development and the House Interim Committee on Education.
   For more information, call (541) 548-1246.
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