>   At her arraignment March 27, Culver's police chief in training Kecia Powell pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree official misconduct and attempted second-degree theft.
   The charges, both Class A misdemeanors, stem from an incident at a Seaside conference Jan. 15 and 16, when Powell's cell phone service was cut off, and she used the Culver city credit card for the $32.60 Unicell charge, according to an earlier interview.
   When the bill arrived, the city had been charged $326, due to a decimal point error. The bill arrived on a Monday and she had straightened out the error and paid the bill by that Friday, she noted.
   City recorder Donna McCormack said she could not comment on the accuracy of the account. City attorney Paul Sumner was unavailable for comment.
   Circuit Court Judge George Neilson set the next hearing on the matter for 10 a.m. May 7.
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