To the Editor,

   This is for and hopefully read by the ones I am going to describe. I suppose they think they are hunters. They would not make a pimple on a hunter's behind. The only thing shown by them was their complete ignorance. Stupidity.
   To the south is/was a Swainson's hawk nest from last year. This year it was occupied by a great horned owl pair. She had not been brooding very long. I was outside and heard three shots. Down in an open field I saw three puffs of dirt. Privately owned as the tree was also on private land. These idiots had no idea what was near or on the other side of the tree. I went to the tree and can see her dead in the nest. I do not feel very good about that.
   I could not get a license number. Was a white pickup.
   No way to put an end to these "hunters" fully. If they read this, they will surely know who they are.
   I firmly believe clowns like this should have any and all hunting rights taken away. They can own their guns; but not take them outside. This goes on way too much.
   Eagles, raptors, herons and anything that moves. When will it end? Never -- until they are severely punished. Until these idiots teach their offspring right from wrong.
   If you people who did this read it and know the wrong you have done -- learn, after all, that is a federal offense. Maybe next you shoot a human; one of your family. That is hunting?
   Charles Harden
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