>   Ballots for the primary election are being mailed out Friday, May 2, and Jefferson County voters should receive them within a week.
   Anyone who doesn't receive a ballot by then should call the Jefferson County Clerk's Office at 475-4451, or stop by at 66 S.E. D St., Suite C, in Madras.
   Tuesday, April 29, was the last day to register to vote in the primary election or to change party affiliation. In Oregon's primary, only those who are registered in a particular party can vote.
   However, voters can change their registration up to election day if they have moved or changed their mailing address. But the vote-by-mail ballots are not forwardable -- the address must by changed at the clerk's office.
   The primary ballot has five Republican candidates and one Democratic candidate. The top Republican vote-getter will go on to the general election to face the Democratic winner. If a candidate is unopposed, he or she will not be on the primary ballot. This applies to the positions of sheriff, county clerk and treasurer. This year, only one position, that of county treasurer Deena Goss (nonpartisan), falls into this category.
   Meanwhile, Gary DeJarnatt (nonpartisan) will be on the ballot running unopposed for the position of county surveyor. His position will be decided in the primary election.
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