>   Culver residents will be voting on a new city charter in the upcoming primary election.
   Clyde Wright and a citizens' input group brought the idea for a new charter to Culver City Council, which endorsed it with some changes.
   Changes included having the mayor to get the council's approval before selecting any committees. "I don't have a problem with it. I've always asked the council anyway," said Culver Mayor Dan Harnden.
   The revised charter calls for six positions instead of five, plus the mayor, who will be able to vote, instead of just breaking ties. There is also a clause that anyone with a record of having a misdemeanor or felony cannot serve on the council.
   Harnden said that is something he will welcome. "It's a heck of a thing to be a tie-breaker. Most mayors in Central Oregon do vote."
   "Come November, if the charter passes, there will be five positions to fill, two new and two outgoing (Anzie Adams and Richard Hancock), and the mayor. It's going to be very important for the community to really get involved in," Harnden said.
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