by: Submitted Photo - Eighth-graders Cody Clugston, left, and Dominic Monson show tobacco products they picked up from the school grounds on Kick Butts Day at Culver Middle School.

   By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Culver Middle School students recently participated in Kick Butts day, a national day of activism that allows students to speak up and take action against tobacco use.
   Students in sixth through eighth grade spent the last 45 minutes of their school day on April 18, cleaning up tobacco litter including cigarrete butts, chew cans, empty cigarette packages and other litter around the school campus.
   Barb Ibrahim, Culver school's tobacco prevention coordinator said, "The students picked up a lot of litter and did a great job despite the windy day." Students received ice cream at the end of their cleanup day.
   To conclude the day's events Kim Kaylor's leadership team, in cooperation with Ibrahim, sponsored a Kick Butts Bash that afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
   Leadership students adapted the theme of 1,200 people die per day from tobacco-related illnesses. They made 120 paper dolls and made a graveyard to represent people that die. They also made a large Kick Butts Day logo on one of the bulletin boards. That was displayed at the dance.
   All students who attended the dance received a ticket for various drawings at the end of the dance. KBD prizes included foam fingers, mini basketballs, hats and sports bottles. Aproximately 50 students attended the dance.
   Ibrahim commented, "I think it was a good event; students got a chance to fight big tobacco," she explained, adding, "They got a chance to experience community service and it was fun to end the day with a bash."
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