>   To the Editor,
   The 509-J budget cuts have begun and the monetary figures are dropping already for the next school year. Unfortunately the monetary figures translated into people figures. These budget cuts are not only in the amount of supplies we use or the amount of electriciity our buildings consume, but also into the number buildings that will operate and the number of people we see in our buildings.
   Losses are appearing across the board: in our administrators, who keep our district running smoothly; our principals, who keep our school staff on task; and our secretaries, (visit any school any morining and see a little bit of what they do for us).
   These budget cuts also cost us teachers who love our children and work hard to teach them; educational assistants who implement our reading and math programs and give our teachers much-needed support; cafeteria workers who feed our kids, and janitorial staff who keep our schools safe and clean.
   Are you beginning to get the picure? These cuts are affecting our community, our neighbors, our family and our friends! Please keep our schools and our friends in your prayers. While thses cuts are neccessary at this time, they are not easy. Thanks for supporting our schools.
   Sherry Ast
Educational Assistant, Madras Elementary
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