>   By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Shawna Clanton, Culver councilor, made a motion which was approved to adopt an ordinance amending the city of Culver Land Use ordinances to establish a new urban residential R-3 zone during the Culver City Council meeting on Monday, April 21.
   Clyde Wright, Citizen Input Committee, said that the committee was formed in 1997. They would report on ordinance violations and would put it on the council agenda. If it was not a violation it was dismissed.
   He said, "City Council going amiss." It is a polled council, three to one with the mayor having no vote unless there is a tie.
   On Jan. 28, the committe presented a new city charter that would increase the council to six members and would allow the mayor to vote.
   Since May of 2006, Wright said, "We have not been a functional council." He also emphasized the strategic planning committee has to be re-established. He stated the draft charter will be on the May ballot.
   During the police department report, it was noted that officer Keshia Powell's work is currently limited to code violations within the city because of pending legal issues. She and Clanton have been checking on any city ordinance violations.
   Powell will follow up by going door to door and giving notice to citizens. A 10-day grace period for fix-up/or clean-up of violations will be allowed.
   E.V. Smith, public works department, stated a meter was going out on the heat pumps and the council passed a motion to repair it from the contingency funds in the amount of $775.02.
   The city only received one bid for the park restroom project. Contact will be made for negotiations on the current bid. Smith stated the park pavillion project would begin April 22, with weather permitting.
   He also said he did a change order for the conduit for lighting in the pavilion in the amount of $226.98 and the council approved this. The pavilion will have six outlets two feet off the ground, power overhead on top for lighting when finished.
   He said the bio-treatment for the lagoon will cost $3,459.75. This treatment will help decrease the agae effect, slow the growth process of duckweed and will help decrease sludge on bottom of the lagoon. The inital cost will be higher but will decrease to about $1,500 per year. The City Council approved the motion to purchase and try this product.
   During the administrative report, Donna McCormack, city recorder, stated the fire department rental agreement process was coming up in the future and she needed clarification on the school district excise tax.
   Linda Florence, Culver School District superintendent, explained the tax is on all new construction, including replacement homes, garages, etc., and any construction that adds square footage.
   Florence emphasized it will take several years to compile enough monies to use as capital gain.
   Mindy Harnden reported on the approval of the final plat Culver Heights Phase 5 by the planning commission. They are breaking it up to two projects. The council passed the motion on this.
   The council approved the resolution granting the city of Culver permission to apply for an ODOT Transportaton Enhancement Program funding grant.
   During Mayor Dan Harnden's report, he stated he appreciated all citizens comments and Clyde Wright's input. He emphasized the council will be busy with working on the contract for the fire deparment and on May 20, they will hold interviews for the vacant council position.
   Thelma Krueger, councilor, reported on the prison stating she saw movies of inmates, and prison jobs have been frozen and they may not hire until November, 2009.
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