Take heed Lake Oswego on ballot measures

To the Editor:

Regarding the November vote for Clackamas County Measures 3-386 and 3-388, take heed Lake Oswego.

When reading advice about how to vote for 'local' control, remember that Lake Oswego has been committed to 'smart growth' (otherwise known as Agenda 21), a United Nations program that will dismantle American sovereignty as well as our property rights while claiming to provide 'local' control.

Please read carefully, ask questions and think before voting. Don't be fooled. We taxpayers of Lake Oswego need to have a say whenever and however our tax dollars are being committed, whether at the local level or at the county level.

For more information about the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, see .

Sue Stangland

Lake Oswego

A salute to Lt. Col. Mark Dunham

To the Editor:

I read with mixed emotions your retirement notice on Lt. Col Mark Dunham (Neighbors story) in last Thursday's Lake Oswego Review.

Mixed, because I'm happy for you to be ready and able to move on to life's next venture. Sad, because I and my family will truly miss your Independence Day flyover. A thrilling moment on the Fourth when the roar of your aircraft was heard and we eagerly raced outside in anticipation of viewing your thunderous pass by.

The visible strength of the plane overhead served well to remind us of our great country. Beyond that, we were reminded of the special men and women who serve to safeguard us as we move through life's daily activities.

God bless you and your family. And God bless the country we are so fortunate to live in.

John L. Schmidt

Lake Oswego

Seven warning signs for citizens

To the Editor:

(Here are) seven warning signs that citizens are in a questionable urban renewal relationship with Clackamas County.

It's time to assert a new 'right to vote on debt' when:

1. Pre-determined outcomes constrain discussion of alternatives in urban renewal project plans.

2. Urban renewal project 'citizen' committee members chosen to support pre-determined outcomes.

3. Proclamations an urban renewal plan will not cost tax payers any dollar amount without supporting evidence.

4. Presentations of urban renewal plan benefits made by artistic views that obscure project obstacles.

5. Accelerating reliance upon Tax Increment Finance / 'urban renewal' mechanisms rather than authorizing votes on bonds or local improvement districts for projects and job development initiatives.

6. Development of 'decoy' measures without restriction of ' … full faith and credit …' bond clauses.

7. Failure to permit county vote on urban renewal plans that result in diversion of a portion of existing tax revenue streams by TIF mechanisms from established entities such as schools, police, fire, and recreation service districts.

Two vote solution for debt control in Clackamas County:

n Vote yes on Measure 3-386 - right to vote on debt.

n Vote no on Measure 3-388 - decoy vote on debt.

Charles 'Skip' Ormsby


Thank-yous for library support

To the Editor:

In an early celebration of National Friends of the Library Week, the Lake Oswego Friends sponsored a 'Frankly We Love Our Library' party on Saturday, Oct. 8. The event was held at the Lake Oswego Library following a children's puppet show.

Children and parents were treated to beef mini-franks, cookies, apple juice and the Friends' famous 'book worms' (aka gummy worms). Multiple signs listed the many programs that are sponsored by the Friends of Lake Oswego Library, including the popular Lake Oswego Reads.

I would like to thank Whole Foods for its generosity in providing the mini-franks which were a hit with parents as well as children. Thanks also go to the volunteers from The Booktique, the Friends used bookstore, for taking time on a Saturday to help with this event. A special thanks is due Diane Falvey, board member of the Friends of Lake Oswego Public Library, for her planning and work that made this event possible.

Terry Huber

Board president

Friends of The Lake Oswego Public Library

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