Avakian has my vote for 1st District

I was astounded to see The Oregonian endorse Bonamici over Brad Avakian.

After attending the forum at Pacific University and watching the debate on KGW, I am convinced Avakian is the right person to send to Congress.

Brad has an outstanding track record in the state Legislature and as labor commissioner. Of the three Democratic candidates he has the clearest grasp of both local and national issues and isn't afraid to take a stand.

Bonamici has yet to articulate a position on a national or international issue. We need to know the person we send to Congress has a clear grasp of what the issues are and how national issues affect Oregon and Oregonians.

We need to send someone who will fight for us and for our values. We need Brad Avakian.



Our schools deserve and need funding

If ever there was an opportunity to support our schools in Beaverton - this special election is it, and your ballot is coming.

Put simply, our schools deserve and need additional funding. I have seen firsthand as a state senator, and now as president of the Oregon Business Association, the effect of cuts to our education system. We need to reduce class sizes, bring back important enrichment programs like art and music and - heaven forbid - have a school counselor available to students who need a compassionate ear.

The Beaverton School District is well managed and respected beyond our state borders. I cannot wait to vote for the upcoming school bond to show my support for the work they do in our community.


West Slope

Schools must learn to live within means

When will it end? Already 40 percent of my taxes go to fund Beaverton School District 48, and now it asks for more.

It's hard to believe that we can receive all of the city of Beaverton's services (police, public works, planning, etc.) and TVF and R fire service, and together they are less than what we have to pay to get our children educated.

There have to be horrendously wasteful things going on in the schools for this to occur, and there has to be gross mismanagement at the top administrative level.

I am tired of hearing that if we don't pay more, classes will enlarge, teachers will lose their jobs and similar other threats. When will the fat be attacked instead of the muscle?

It's time the school district learns to live within its means and eliminate some of those sacred cows.



Avakian is a true public servant

I have had the opportunity to work and interact with the two leading candidates for Congress in the 1st Congressional District.

Brad Avakian is by far the best candidate for the seat to Congress. He is approachable, informed, trustworthy and well-grounded. Brad is ready for this position having served in the Oregon House and Senate from Washington County prior to being our current statewide labor commissioner.

He regularly returns phone calls and is outstanding with his follow-up and in keeping commitments.

Brad is happily married to his high school sweetheart and is a solid family man. As a lawyer, he has been ethical and has strong principles. He has never had an inflated sense of himself and continues to be humble and believes he is a true public servant.

Brad Avakian has hired highly competent staff during his service as an elected official. That can help make the difference for you and me because it is the staff that does follow-up work for constituents when they contact the congressional office for help or have issues with the federal government.

Brad is solid on the important issues like supporting job creation and managing taxpayer funds responsibly with accountability. He would be a strong congressman who would stand up for issues important to his district.



(Former Beaverton mayor)

Bonamici serves with integrity, focus

I first met Suzanne Bonamici in 2001. The Suzanne I met was committed to education, to community, and to Oregon. Now 10 years later, Suzanne's commitment leads her to run for U.S. Congress.

Her tenure in the Oregon House and Senate and as a consumer advocate provide the perfect spring board to launch Suzanne into national politics.

Suzanne started her career as an advocate for the people, and she has continued to dedicate herself as a true representative of the community.

With focus, determination and true grit, Suzanne will work hard to assure that our voices are heard in Washington.

In these days of 24/7 media, it is hard to sift through the sound bites and pages of text to figure out who is real, who will work for me, who has integrity and who deserves my vote.

Suzanne Bonamici is real, she has worked tirelessly for Oregonians and will continue that work in Congress. She has integrity, and she deserves your vote. I support Suzanne Bonamici for Congress and I encourage my fellow constituents to support Suzanne also.


Oak Hills

Avakian has earned my trust and vote

When selecting our elected officials, trust is the deciding factor for me. That is why I am supporting Brad Avakian for the 1st District position to U.S. Congress. So many times people running for this important congressional position have no previous track record in an elected position. In that case, we have really little to go by other than their promises.

Brad Avakian has a distinguished record as an elected official serving as state representative, state senator and now state labor commissioner.

Brad Avakian has been accessible as an elected official, stands up for the people he serves and listens to his constituents. I have first-hand experience working with him at a local level, and Brad well remembers that he is accountable to the people who elected him. He is passionate about doing what is right and would represent the people of his district with honor, hard work and trustworthiness. Join me in voting for Brad Avakian. Join me in voting for honor and trustworthiness.


Beaverton city councilor

I can't afford another funding measure

The Beaverton School District needs more money. Everyone tells me not to punish the kids because of the incompetence in Salem.

Beaverton School District Local Option 34-193 is being presented in the normal rhetorical way: That it will only add a few dollars per $1,000 of assessed value to everyone's home. I don't want to punish kids, but why do the homeowners always get punished?

My two-bedroom, one-bath mansion (joking) has seen its taxes rise 65 percent in 11 years. That is not a typo. This is all due to every bond and ballot measure for the schools, the libraries, the sheriff's office, the fire district and the park district that pass time and time again. If you don't own a home, you are paying too. With every bond that passes, your landlord will raise the rent - pretty simple math really. It is always the little guy that gets it stuck to him every time, and while we hate to vote 'no' on any education bill, it is that or lose our home. What would anyone choose out of those two options?

We could afford our home easily when we bought it. No expert that advised us ever stated, 'Your taxes, by the way, may go up 65 percent in the next decade.' And now more if this levy passes.



Bonamici champions people, education

I want Suzanne Bonamici to be our next congressional representative because she listens well, is a thoughtful problem-solver and works well with others to get done what is important to us. Because of her skills and experience in protecting people, strengthening public education and working for small businesses, I am voting Bonamici for Congress, and I hope you will join me.



(Metro councilor)

Avakian will take on Tea Party radicals

I support Brad Avakian for the 1st Congressional District seat in Congress because he represents the best of what we can offer. He's a tireless worker and will look out for the citizens of Washington County, my home and the rest of the district. His record shows this when he served in the Oregon Legislature and currently as state labor commissioner.

I've known Brad for nearly a decade and always have admired his courage to tackle the tough issues. And, he has always been there when help was needed.

As a civil rights attorney, Brad has protected working people and still does as labor commissioner. As a legislator, he helped senior citizens and has been a tireless advocate for women's rights.

In Washington, Brad will work to increase jobs and will take on the Tea Party radicals to protect Social Security and Medicare.

Brad Avakian is my choice for Congress.



Schools need levy after years of cuts

As superintendent of the Beaverton School District from 2003 until retiring this July, I was directly involved in reducing the district's general fund budget by $105 million over the last four school years.

The cumulative result was lost jobs, reduced days in the school year, elimination of successful programs and many other negative impacts.

The district business leaders, parents and community members I've talked with do not want their public school system to be without essential financial resources. They realize it is unlikely the Oregon Legislature will fund K-12 education at a higher level in the near future.

A community supported local option levy is the best way to give Beaverton schools additional resources during these unprecedented financial times.

Please join me to enhance the potential of the children of the Beaverton School District by voting 'yes' for the local option levy, Measure 34-193, on your November ballot.



Bonamici shares our values and concerns

It's clear that Congress is dysfunctional. We need someone in Washington who shares our values and can actually get things done. This is why I'm supporting Suzanne Bonamici for Congress.

Years ago, Suzanne Bonamici worked as a parent-volunteer at Ridgewood Elementary School. Teachers and parents were working to iron out problems related to a Spanish-immersion program. At fractious problem-solving meetings, I witnessed Suzanne pull all the common threads from every quarter and weave a solution we could all be proud of.

Moving to a larger stage, Suzanne Bonamici has proven herself as an effective and powerful consensus builder in the Oregon Senate. She gets things done. In one legislative session, she passed three bills that cut unnecessary educational mandates, encouraged more educators to work in low-income schools and reduced the number of times students are required to re-take tests. Suzanne wants what 1st District residents want: strong, effective public schools.

Few legislators ever pass even one bill. Suzanne gets things done. We need to send a committed and skilled lawmaker to Washington.

We need Suzanne Bonamici in Congress.


Rock Creek

A vote for the levy is vote for our future

I wish to strongly encourage a 'yes' vote of the Beaverton School District Local Option Levy Measure 34-193.

The local recession has caused the Oregon Legislature to reduce basic operating funds for K-12 schools. In the past four years, the Beaverton School District has had to reduce its budget by more than $100 million. For the current school year, the district is projecting a funding shortfall of $24 million to $37 million, and the district anticipates that there will be more years of state revenue shortfalls.

Here we are talking about the education of our children, our future. Again, I wish to strongly encourage a 'yes' vote on Local Option Levy Measure 34-193.


Cedar Hills

(Former Washington County commissioner)

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