Council appoints him to seat he previously held
by: Barbara Sherman SECOND TIME AROUND — Shana Mesinovic, King City Municipal Court clerk, swears into office new City Councilor Ken Gibson the morning after the council appointed him to the position.

The King City City Council unanimously voted to appoint Ken Gibson to a vacant seat at its Oct. 19 meeting, and he was sworn into office the next morning by Municipal Court clerk Shana Mesinovic.

The vacancy on the council occurred earlier this year after Robert Frasier resigned.

Gibson more than fit the six-month residency requirement: Gibson and his wife Ramona moved into their new home in the Edgewater on the Tualatin subdivision in King City in March 2006. He retired from United Airlines after a 32-year career at the San Francisco Maintenance Operations Center, spending the last 15 years as manager of jet engine parts overhaul.

In 2008 Gibson applied for an empty seat on the council and was appointed in early April of that year to a term ending Dec. 31, 2010.

Gibson announced last year that he would not run in the November 2010 election for a full term due to other commitments, but since then, there have been changes in his life.

"I found my dream job - as marshal at Langdon Farms Golf Course," Gibson told council members when they interviewed him during the Oct. 19 meeting. "I promised my wife I would not fill up my plate too full, but when I saw the (Regal Courier) article, I knew I could do both.

"I feel a lot of passion for being involved in the city.'

While Gibson ended up being the only applicant to be interviewed by the council, he said, "I don't consider myself a shoo-in. But I'm really excited and committed about doing this."

Councilor Suzan Turley moved to appoint Gibson to the council, and the vote was 5 to 0 in favor of the motion.

"It's good to have you back," said Councilor Dick Winn.

Gibson brings a lot of experience to the position.

'At the peak of my career, my organization included over 1,000 employees with annual budgets over $100 million,' wrote Gibson in his application for the council seat. "I am committed to community involvement. I served on the Economic Development Committee for the city of Hayward in California…

'I have remained active in the community, serving on the most recent King City Budget Committee and supporting various issues related to the Edgewater on the Tualatin community.

"My wife and I love living in King City, and I believe that my leadership skills, personality and desire to serve my community are a great fit for the City Council."

In addition to all the skills and experience Gibson brings to the council, another benefit of reappointing him is cost-effectiveness.

As Gibson was leaving the council meeting, police Chief Chuck Fessler pointed out to him that the city would not have to make a new name plate for Gibson for the council dais.

"And I still have my business cards, so that saves money too," Gibson said.

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