So you're getting redistricted!

Every 10 years, in accordance with the Oregon Constitution, new boundaries are drawn for state House and state Senate districts. Over the course of 10 years, populations change and move around, altering the number of people in each district.

Since every district is supposed to have the same population, this forces a redrawing of lines.

Unfortunately in the next redrawing, King City will no longer be in the District that I represent, District 35. This means when you receive your ballot next year, my name will not be on it.

As of January 2013, King City will be part of District 26.

I will greatly miss representing this great community, home to so many magnificent people. I remember fondly going to events in King City, and working through the district to meet as many people as is possible.

In particular I really enjoyed going to various art shows in King City. It was great to meet such talented artists.

Even though I will no longer represent King City after 2012, I am determined to continue working for the betterment of our older citizens and communities.

I have recently been appointed to the Public Guardianship and Conservator Task Force, where I will be working closely on these issues.

However, I am not gone quite yet. Although the new districts have been drawn, I will continue to represent the people of King City until Jan 2013, when your new representative will be sworn in.

This means that if you are having any concerns with your state government, I am happy to help out. Please don't hesitate to call my district office at 1-971-258-8002 or my capitol office at 503-986-1435.

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