She takes Summerfield's top spot for the second time
by: Barbara Sherman TAKING HOME THE GRAND PRIZE — Sandy Brewer first won the Summerfield Women’s Golf Club’s championship three years ago and did it again this year.

For the second time, Sandy Brewer has won the Summerfield Women's Golf Club championship, and she is pumped about it.

"Golf is so much fun when it's working," she said.

The tournament is composed of games played over four days, which this year were Aug. 25 and 30, and Sept. 6 and 8.

Sandy, who often plays golf with her husband John, explained, "Wendy Pfeiffer and I were pretty well tied after the first day. In the second game on No. 7, Wendy took eight shots to get to the hole, and I took par. I shot well enough to stay ahead the next two days, and on the last day, they let us play in the middle.

"So John and a lot of other people were all standing there and clapping as we finished. It was like a pro tournament."

Even though Sandy, who won by six strokes, is the club champion, she admits there is at least one area where she needs to improve - reining in her swing.

"I have a big backswing - it goes way back," said Sandy, who added that Summerfield golf pro Rob Lindsey has been working with her on it. "He's trying to get me not to swing so hard," she said.

The Brewers moved to Summerfield seven years ago, and Sandy won the championship three years ago - and has placed in the top five every year - although she admits she used to be an even better golfer.

"I've played for close to 20 years," she said. "I took it up after playing softball, and a woman said I should try golf. I actually was a much better golfer before I moved here. I was younger and skinnier.

"John and I started playing together when we were dating. I could drive 200 yards and outdrive him. But then I got lazy. Now I'm trying to get healthy."

Sandy said golf is definitely a mind game: "I need to think about what I'm doing," she said, adding, "Someone said, 'When you address the ball, let everything else leave your mind.'

"I really enjoy playing here at Summerfield. It's a great group of women, and I'm playing good this year."

A week or so after the tournament, Sandy pulled a groin muscle, and it was just getting better when she played golf with John and pulled it again during a particularly vigorous swing.

Injury aside, Sandy said her swing is improving and gives a lot of credit to Lindsey.

"All I have to do is walk into the pro shop and say, 'I'm having a problem,' and the first thing he says is, 'Shorten your backswing,'" she said. "I wasn't hitting anything, and he took me out on the course - within half an hour, I was hitting my shots.

"He told me my swing should go back only half as far. He has helped this place immensely."

Does Lindsey think Sandy is a good golfer?

"Heck, yes," he said. "Not a lot of the women practice as much as she does."

Sandy has just wrapped up her year as president of the women's golf club, and for the past two years she has been chairwoman of the club's annual Charity Tournament and Silent Auction.

The August event has raised about $30,000 in the last three years for the Good Neighbor Center in Tigard, which provides housing and social services for homeless families.

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