>Seven total will be built in Metolius, Madras, Warm Springs
The Willow Creek trail has two new additions with three more expected by July.
   Two ENERGI Total Body Fitness Systems have been built and are free for public use. The stations were constructed by 509-J maintenance staff and funded by a grant through an organization called OEA Choice Trust.
   "I had seen them before in Michigan and Beth Ann Beamer had seen them before in California," said 509-J school nurse Jamie Smith, who applied for the grant. "It was a brainstorm to see if we could get the grant and we did."
   The idea behind the system is that individuals can walk or run a certain distant and then stop to use the fitness stations to enhance overall body workouts.
   "The systems are designed to develop strength and conditioning for all muscles in the body," Smith said. "Each station is designed to stretch muscles and each station provides instruction in English and Spanish."
   Each station cost roughly $3,000 to put in place and each provides in-depth instruction and curriculum for those that wish to use the system.
   "I really like that they have pictures in English and Spanish," said Carolyn Harvey, who is the Healthy Community Program coordinator for Jefferson County, and aided with the overall project. "We are working to enhance our environment for all people in our communities."
   The ENERGI systems are located about a quarter mile apart from each other
   "We wanted to make this easy and convenient for people to use," Smith said. "This is another way to help our community be active. The city has done a great job with the walking path and we wanted to enhance it with the ENERGI systems."
   The Madras City Public Works will install three more ENERGI systems along the Willow Creek trail. Those stations, along with one to be placed in Metolius and Warm Springs are scheduled to be in place by July.
   "We had some implementation funding through the ACHIEVE Initiative to purchase five stations, in addition to the two Jamie Smith has in place," Harvey said. "The ACHIEVE Initiative is county wide, so we wanted to reach as many people as possible."
   Smith said the location of the first two stations on 509-J property is so staff could take a walk on their lunch breaks and use the two systems in place that are close to three schools.
   "We are encouraging our staff to do exercises through fitness challenges and hopefully these stations will be incorporated into their routines," Smith said.
   The stations are designed for ages 13 and up. ENERGI combines functional fitness and body-weight training to deliver a synergistic workout that connects all five of the body's major anatomical systems and exercises nearly all of its 206 bones and 600 muscles. Rather than isolating the muscles to work them independently, ENERGI uses multi-joint, multi-plane muscle movements, an integrated approach that better prepares the body for the demands of real life.
   "Each one of the stations has something different to promote help with physical activity," Harvey said. "I think they will be a nice addition to help promote physical activity within our communities."
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