>   The regular scheduled open burning closure to take place on June 1 will be extended for the Residents of Jefferson County Fire District No. 1.
   Due to cool wet conditions, open burning will be permitted during daylight hours until June 15, as long as conditions are favorable.
   If you exercise your burning privileges, the fire district stresses the following guidelines shall be maintained:
   . A valid burning permit is required for all open burning.
   . All open burning shall be attended at all times.
   . Burn only materials that are permitted by the fire district.
   . Open burn piles shall not be within 25 feet of structures, fences or property lines.
   Approved burning barrels with a screen are permitted to be used during daylight hours without a burning permit.
   For additional information regarding burning rules and regulations, or to obtain a burning permit, stop by the Madras Fire Station or Culver City Hall during regular business hours.
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