Occupy Portland camp removed from federal property named for longtime Portland mayor
by: Christopher Onstott Anna Dibenedetto walks over pallets to keep her Halloween costume clean and out of the mud Monday afternoon, past tents setup by Occupy Portland protesters in Terry Schrunk Plaza. Activist Michael Moore visited the plaza Monday to rally the Occupy group after federal officials told protesters not to camp in the federally owned plaza across Southwest Fourth Avenue from Portland City Hall.

Portland police cleared Terry Schrunk Plaza of Occupy Portland campers early Tuesday morning.

A about 4 a.m., nearly 10 campers were arrested when they did not obey police directions to leave the plaza just east of City Hall. The park is owned by the federal government. It is directly across Southwest Third Avenue from the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building.

At the request of the federal government, police removed a handful of tents from the small park. Police are continuing to allow protesters to camp in two city parks just north of the plaza at the direction of Mayor Sam Adams.

Those arrested were taken to the federal courthouse near the plaza, where they were cited and released. One of those arrested told Fox 12 that she had moved to the plaza after growing tired of the drug and alcohol use in the original Occupy Portland camp. She also said the federal government was the intended target of the protest in the first place.

Fox 12 contributed to this news story.

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