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by: Photo By Joe McHaney - Clyde “Butch” and Theresa Wallace, of Madras, opened Butch’s Bar & Grill on Sept. 2.

It's taken six months, but Theresa and Clyde "Butch" Wallace, of Madras, have finally opened their new business, Butch's Bar & Grill.
   Located in the former Meet Market building -- newly painted red and black -- the business quietly opened its doors Sept. 2.
   "Business is really picking up," said Theresa Wallace, adding that they have partnered with Angela and Chad Boock in getting the business up and running. "The first few days were slow, but the word got around fast."
   Open seven days a week, the business employs nine full-time workers, and four people part time. It opens at 11 a.m. everyday, and is open until 3 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, until 10 p.m. Sunday, and until midnight Monday through Wednesday.
   The menu primarily features pub food, said Wallace, who visited a food fair before opening to scout out the best foods.
   "Because of the limited menu, we wanted to offer quality food with generous portions," she said, noting that their huge, gourmet burgers easily feed two. "All our sauces are homemade."
   On the menu is a bacon cheeseburger, which comes with a choice of fries or tater tots for $7.95 -- as well as soup, sandwiches and daily specials, such as carne asada and Philly cheesesteak sandwiches.
   To get the business ready for opening, the Wallaces repaired walls, put down new floors, rewired electrical work, moved a gas line, "resanded every piece of wood in the place," made the business accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and repainted both the interior and exterior in red and black.
   Shortly after the business was painted, city officials determined that the red exterior did not comply with the city's color ordinance, which specifies that the exterior of Madras businesses must be "subtle, neutral or earth tone colors."
   The Wallaces and many supporters turned out for a Madras City Council meeting Aug. 23, which resulted in a reversal of that decision. The building will be allowed to remain red.
   Pool tournaments planned
   Inside the new business, the upstairs is set up with a pool table, juke box, boxing machine, big screen TVs, and a dart board. "We will have Xbox tournaments and pool tournaments," said Theresa Wallace.
   After the 90-day waiting period, Butch's will also have four lottery machines.
   The basement, which has a dance floor, will be used mainly for Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, when DJ Medina will provide music. A grand opening, with live music, is about three weeks out, said Wallace.
   The main floor of the business has been opened up to accommodate more people -- about 65 people, she said.
   So far, Wallace is pleased with the community's reception. "It has been great. The word is getting around and everyday, more and more are coming," she said.
   The Wallaces hail from Mississippi, where Clyde Wallace managed a restaurant in Starkville, Miss., and Theresa Wallace worked in a steak house and bar, which she managed for about two years.
   "We always wanted to open our own restaurant. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity," she said. "We saw a need and thought, let's follow our dreams."
   The Wallaces have lived in Madras since July 1992. Clyde Wallace worked at Keith Manufacturing for 16 years, and Theresa Wallace homeschooled their four children and took in 82 foster children over the years.
   Their family includes two daughters, Alicia LaTray, 26, and Sarah Raburn, 21, and two sons, Buddy, 23, and Matthew, 22, and foster children Caitlin Gibson, 16, and Marie Stiffend, 15, who are still at home, and Carl Miller, 20.
   Since 2008, when they purchased the flooring business "Them Flooring Guys," the Wallaces have owned and operated that business as well.
   For more information, contact Butch's Bar & Grill at 541-390-8272.
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