Scores three touchdowns against La Pine

by: Photo By Joe McHaney - Madras High School junior running back Joe Hisatake rushed for three   touchdowns and 156 yards against visiting La Pine   Sept. 9.

After Madras' Joe Hisatake scored from eight yards out in the second quarter against visiting La Pine last Friday, he was one bad dude.
   The junior running back didn't say a word. Instead, he slowly strutted back across the end zone with his chest sticking out about 10 feet, muscles flexed and football in hand, letting everyone know Hisatake isn't going to back down from anyone, and he will be a force this season.
   His actions were similar to Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, who is also one bad dude. Peterson is known in the NFL for running past and over defensive opponents and walks with a scary swagger after he scores.
   Hisatake looked eerily similar to Peterson Sept. 9 and was able to do it three times after rushing for three touchdowns and 156 total yards, leading Madras to a 38-0 win over the Hawks by running past and over La Pine defenders.
   "I mean, wow, he is an animal," said senior running back Jordan Brown of Hisatake. "He refuses to go down and runs so hard."
   Some might think Hisatake was arrogant with his slow strut back to the sidelines, but Hisatake was not showboating and he backed it up. The 5-foot-6, 146-pound tailback was electric against La Pine.
   On his eight-yard touch down run, he appeared to be stuffed on the left side of the field, but Hisatake refused to go down and reversed the field to find the corner of the right side of the end zone.
   He then showcased his brilliant speed in the third quarter with a 65-yard touchdown run. He sliced past and cut by two defenders, before bolting into the end zone.
   "I just don't want to go down. I just don't want to stop running," Hisatake said. "It's crazy to see that open field and nothing in front of me."
   Hisatake scored one final time in the third quarter and Brown also found pay dirt.
   "I call it the triple threat," Hisatake said of Brown and fullback Sloan Bush.
   "Sloan opens big holes and Jordan and I do the rest," Hisatake said.
   While Brown was the known tailback entering this season, Hisatake made a name for himself last Friday. The combination gives Madras a heavy punch from its backfield, with three running backs that enjoy physical contact.
   "Those guys are tough," MHS senior quarterback Andrew McConnell said. "We know what they can do and you saw it (Friday)."
   Madras has had its problems in recent years running the ball and White Buffalo faithful have not seen a rushing performance like Hisatake's in some time, but he proved with three touchdowns and 156 yards, that he's capable of being one bad dude with the football.
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