local Department of Motor Vehicle field offices will be closed Friday, Sept. 16.
   The closure is the first of 10 statewide mandatory unpaid "furlough" days for employees scheduled for the state's 2011-13 budget period.
   Customer waiting times tend to be longer on the days just before and after office closures, so DMV suggests that customers try to do business by mail or online, if possible, or plan their visits to DMV before Thursday, Sept. 15, or after Monday, Sept. 19.
   People also can do some business with DMV online any time. Online DMV services include most passenger vehicle registration renewals, changes of address, and notice of vehicle sale.
   To access DMV's online services go to
   DMV offices will reopen on their regularly scheduled days and times after the furlough day.
   For a complete list of DMV offices and their business hours, go to
   The next statewide furlough is scheduled for Friday, Nov. 25 -- the day after Thanksgiving.
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