by: Submitted Photo  - Capt. Marc Heckathorn, center, is presented with his award by Marine Board Chairman George Tinker, left, and Marine Board Director Scott Brewen, right.

   The Oregon State Marine Board recognized the efforts of Capt. Marc Heckathorn of the Jefferson County Marine Patrol with an "Outstanding Achievement Award" at their annual postseason Law Enforcement Conference, held on Sept. 26 in Eugene.
   For over a decade, Heckathorn has worked in the marine program, where his experience and knowledge are invaluable to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as a whole.
   Heckathorn does it all -- from repairing engines, changing oil, and fixing electrical problems, to managing the marine program and handling the paperwork, budgeting, and reporting on top of spending patrol hours on the water.
   As evidenced by the amount of effort and time he puts into his job, Heckathorn has proven to be committed to running a top-rate marine program.
   Heckathorn also "thinks outside the box," according to the sheriff's office. He has forged relationships with other organizations including the Bureau of Land Management, Portland General Electric, and the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs to mutually fund positions in the county that patrol in and around the water.
   Sheriff's office personnel praise his ability to bring people together to benefit the boaters in the county and support the marine program directly.
   Additionally, Heckathorn helps people directly by offering and coordinating all of the logistics for boating safety courses and has tailored classes to the individual needs of local boaters.
   Most importantly, Heckathorn is held in high regard by his peers. In a nomination letter to the Marine Board, marine patrol personnel wrote, "Capt. Heckathorn is an outstanding supervisor, and an outstanding law enforcement officer. He exemplifies what it means to be a leader of a marine program and he represents the Oregon State Marine Board to the best of his ability -- every day."
   "It's truly our honor to give Capt. Marc Heckathorn this Outstanding Achievement Award," said Marty Law, boating safety manager for the Marine Board. "Thank you for your dedication and hard work building partnerships and unity in your community."
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