To the editor:

   Jefferson County Kennel refers their cat "problems" to the Humane Society of Jefferson County.
   Now does this make sense? They have a facility, salaried employees and county funds; we (Humane Society) have no facility, no salaried employees, no city or county funds. We rely on donations, which do not cover what we are asked to do.
   We neuter and spay as many cats as possible to cut down the overpopuation, but we have no funds to trap and handle stray and/or feral cats. Like the county, we have taken cats to CRAFT in Bend, but they are overcrowded, so we no longer have that option.
   Since the people of Jefferson County provide the funds for the kennel through taxation I would think they have something to say about how their money is spent.
   I would encourage interested citizens to contact their county commissioners about this and if they don't do anything the next time there is an election for these commissioners, vote them out and get in people who will deal with our cat population as well as the dog population. How we handle our animal population says much about us. I would like to think we are humane people.
   Glennis Fellas
   Humane Society of Jefferson County
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