Young female victim

by: Submitted photo - Blaine Silversmith

A Madras man, Blaine Tyah Silversmith, 46, was sentenced Dec. 9 to 25 years in prison for a rape in 2006.
   According to Jefferson County District Attorney Steve Leriche, the incident was discovered and reported by a doctor. The female victim was between 11 and 16 years old.
   Silversmith had pleaded guilty Nov. 17 to seven counts of first-degree rape, Class A felonies, which occurred on or about June 16, 2006.
   Circuit Court Judge Daniel Ahern sentenced Silversmith to 25 years in the custody of the Oregon Department of Corrections, and 20 years of post-prison supervision.
   "I think it was an appropriate sentence," said Leriche, who had asked the court to consider up to 58 years in prison. "It was within the range for other like offenders, with the biggest distinction being Mr. Silversmith pled guilty and other like offenders, who received higher sentences, had to go to trial."
   "I believe the court gave Mr. Silversmith some credit for accepting responsibility and not going to trial and not having the victim have to testify," said Leriche. "He'll be under supervision until his 80s."
   Seven charges of first-degree rape, two of first-degree sodomy, and two of unlawful sexual penetration were dismissed, and Silversmith must pay restitution of $548.87.
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