>   To the Editor,
   The Jefferson County Domestic Violence Council seeks to reduce and prevent domestic violence in Jefferson County through a coordinated community-wide response.
   The Council would like to thank the following businesses and community agencies who donated meals for the monthly council meetings for 2011: Geno's Italian Grill, Subway Sandwiches, Warm Springs Victims of Crime Services, Jefferson County Victim's Assistance Program as part of the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office Jefferson County Community Justice, Great Earth Natural Foods and Bestcare Treatment Service.
   Saving Grace, the Jefferson County Domestic Violence Council, was originally established as a Task Force in 1998 then converted to a council in 2009. Over 30 community leaders representing areas such as law enforcement, child welfare, state and local government, mental health, public education, nonprofits, churches, medical professionals and other community members serve as members of the council. Meetings are held the fourth Wednesdays of the month and are open to the community.
   Please call Cari¤o Bautista (541-475-1880) or Brad Mondoy (541-475-6145) for more information.
   Again, a huge thank you to those who donated the meals and to our members for their efforts in reducing and preventing domestic violence in our community!
   Cari¤o Bautista and Brad Mondoy
Jefferson County Domestic Violence Council Co-chairs
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