You may be one of Lake Oswego's visionaries. Have you ever commented 'it would be really nice to have a (fill in the blank) in this town?' Or 'I would never want (fill in the blank)' to change.'

There may not be an 'app' for that but there is a 25-year comprehensive plan - and tonight is the night to come to Lake Oswego High School to share your thoughts on what direction the city should take to plan for 2035. Community Culture, the first of seven action areas, will be discussed tonight. Specific topic areas include: Recreation, education, arts, civic engagement, historic preservation and the library. The focus of the meeting is to get input on what goals and policies are needed to reach the community's vision for the future - namely, 2035. The goals and policies will be the basis of future code. It may sound a little boring, but one of the greatest outcomes of a community meeting like this is a chance to hear from visionaries like you.

Lake Oswego visionaries have great ideas about how the city preserves and recognizes history; how the city addresses recreation for all ages in 2035; education for K-12 and lifelong learning beyond high school; addressing arts and culture needs; what should the 2035 library include and how changing communications affect civic engagement.

If you're planning on retiring and living out your golden years in Lake Oswego you should attend. If you went to school here, your children are going to school here, and you want the legacy of your grandchildren going to school here - you should attend. Or if you just arrived - and you like what you see - tell us what you're seeing.

Maybe you're retired and can reflect on what is good - and what could be better. The big change in this meeting (from past public planning meetings) is the addition of childcare - because if you're 35 now, you'll be 60 in 25 years and you have an idea of what you want life to be like in Lake Oswego when you retire. It wouldn't hurt to encourage your 15-18 year old to attend either - this is a great time for them to think about their future beyond college (and there's no school for seventh to 12th grade on Friday.)

If you absolutely can't make it Thursday night, you have an online opportunity from Nov. 1 to 11 to comment on structured questions on these issues. You can follow the three-year process on www.weloveos And there will be three more Community Summits in February, March and May, 2012 addressing other areas, including housing, transportation, natural resource needs, economic development, public safety and more.

The comprehensive plan is a roadmap for the city's future. The city leadership has included the charge for citizens to include sustainability as part of the planning process. Sustainability is not just about the environment, but also about people and the economy (a triple bottom line). How do you maintain and sustain our great education system, library, recreation opportunities for all ages and history for our future?

Thursday night, Nov. 3 - the World Series is over, there's no basketball, there's no school for seventh to high school. Bring your teenager. Bring yourself. Bring your neighbor - and let's talk about where the city is headed. Lake Oswego High School cafeteria - 5:30 to socialize, 6 p.m. for background information and join a small group discussion to talk about your top two favorite subjects from this list.

See you there.

Liz Hartman is a member of the Citizens Advisory Committee for the city of Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan. She and Christopher Clee represent the neighborhood associations' perspective of Lake Oswego.

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