by: Photo by Susan Matheny - American Legion representatives present academic excellence awards to cadets Alexis Urbach, left, Victoria Parsons, and Kaitlyn Carter.

   The Madras High School JROTC held its awards ceremony May 24 with the following presentations:
   Lt. Col. Mack Gardner presented:
   . National Sojourners Award to Cassidy Brown
   . Military Officer Association of America Award to Lindsay McDaniel
   . Military Order of the World Wars to Armando Navarro
   . Order of Daedalians to Chelsea Chapman
   . Reserve Officers Association to Stephanie Allard
   Staff Sgt. Kyle Yeager presented:
   . Sons of the American Revolution to Justin Donovan
   . Association of the U.S. Army to Ayzia Sherer
   . Military Order of the Purple Heart Award to Hannah Cavilee
   . Retired Enlisted Association to Andrea Guerin
   John Rinkle presented:
   . Veterans of Foreign Wars to Jonny Cortez
   StaffSgt. Wehmeyer presented:
   . USA Recruiting Command Award to Jessica Stinson
   Dorothy Burgess presented:
   . Daughters of the American Revolution to Jasmine Vazquez
   George Trahern presented:
   . Scottish Rites Americanism Award to Jessica Stinson; Monetary Awards ($500 each) to Hannah Cavilee, Devin McLean, and Victoria Parsons
   American Legion presented:
   . Academic awards to Alexis Urbach, Victoria Parsons and Kaitlyn Carter
   . Military awards to Clair Manion, Erika Padron and Elizabeth Moon
   Cadet Citizenship Awards:
   . Shawnell Yahtin, Lindsey Reves, Armando Navarro and Victoria Parsons.
   Top five Physical Fitness Cadet Challenge finishers:
   . Males: first, Florencio Aguilar; second, Sonny Runsabove; third, Armando Navarro; fourth, Cade Boston; fifth, Samuel Flores.
   . Females: first, Brittney Workman; second, Andrea Guerin; third, Clair Manion; fourth, Ayzia Sherer; fifth, Kaitlyn Carter.
   ROTC Letters:
   . Devin McLean, Hannah Cavilee, Victoria Parsons
   Change of Command:
   . Andrea Guerin was installed as the new commander of the JROTC Madras Buffalo Battalion.
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