To the Editor,

   I am writing in response to the article of "United Methodists join reconciling ministries." If my memory serves me correctly, it was John Wesley that started the Methodist Church. He was a preacher of holiness. That meant and means God loves all people in whatever condition their lives are in and no matter what sins they practice. As a matter of fact, I remember reading of John Wesley visiting death row and sharing the message of God's love with the condemned men. But God's love is so strong that it transforms the lives of all persons.
   The above mentioned article gave me the feeling that these people are welcomed. Amen! All people are welcomed but that their sin is "condoned." Does God condone any sin? Or does God's love forgive any person and His lifechanging powers take us from where He finds us to where He wants us to be. Cor. II 5:17-21 talks about the ministry of reconciliation. Let's not remake God into our image, but allow God to remake us into His image. This is why we are called Christians, because we are like Jesus Christ.
   Earl R. Carlton
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