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by: Photo By Joe McHaney - Scott Staats newly published book.

Scott Staats knows a thing or two about the outdoors.
   He's also known for turning his knowledge and experiences of the outdoors into humorous articles for area publications, including the Madras Pioneer.
   Staats recently elected to gather a collection of his top humor articles that he's written over the past decade and combine them into his first book - "Not Out of The Woods Quite Yet."
   "It's been well received and I've received lots of positive feedback," said Staats, who has been published periodically in the Madras Pioneer since 2005. "I had to go back over each story and work on them a little."
   Published by Maverick Publications in Bend, Staats' book is a quick, easy read full of laughs for outdoor enthusiast.
   "People love any kind of humor, but it has to be done well when written," Staats said. "I really enjoy being humorous with my writing."
   The book features 37 of his published outdoor funny columns on fishing, hunting and camping.
   "I've been trying to get the book published for nearly three years," said Staats, who had 250 copies printed. "It was frustrating at times, but I'm very proud to have it out now."
   Copies of the book are for sale at the Madras Pioneer for $15.
   "This book was basically self-published and I'm doing all the promotion myself," said Staats, who said he plans to complete another book in the future. "I have enough stories for another book, but I want to wait and see how this book does."
   Staats will be promoting his newly printed book at 6:30 p.m. July 25 at the Crook County Library. In addition to information about the book, Staats will conduct a slideshow presentation on the Appalachian Tral.i
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