>Four vacancies in upcoming election
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   At the June 18 meeting of the Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association, only four of eight active board members were present.
   Directors Kit Henderson, Herb Parker and Michelle DeSapio were absent.
   President Ben Johnson introduced Vene Dunham, who was appointed to complete the term of Director George Lynn, who announced his resignation at the May meeting.
   Lynn's term expires in August and Dunham is one of the candidates accepted to run for a three-year term on the next board, which will be elected late August.
   Johnson also announced the resignation of director Gail Day, who resigned because time spent on board duties posed too onerous a burden added to her personal and business responsibilities.
   If she had any frustrations with board operations or policies, she kept them to herself and voiced abundant praise of Ranchers who supported her various efforts in office.
   Day was the sparkplug on the Communications Committee that brought about the acclaimed new Telegraph newsletter. Her considerable talents, judgment and energy will not be easy to replace.
   Johnson said on Monday that the board had not decided whether to appoint a temporary successor to fill out Day's term. His sense is that the few weeks remaining on it is not cause to be overly anxious to find a temporary replacement.
   Near the end of each board's term, they do not usually saddle the incoming board with a flurry of last-minute decisions it would have to deal with.
   There are now four board vacancies to fill in the August election and four candidates approved to run for them, according to Nominating Committee Chairwoman Phyllis Carlin.
   She also said there are six approved candidates for the election of five members to the Architectural Committee. Both ballots were approved by the board at the June meeting and will be mailed Aug. 1. A board candidates' forum is scheduled for July 18 at MacPherson Park.
   There was discussion of merging the expiring ad hoc Communications Committee with the Phase Reps Committee and calling it the Publicity Committee, as had existed in previous years.
   This came on the heels of Johnson's announcement at the June meeting of Memorial Day vandalism at the RV Park and the need for a security system on the Ranch.
   That word was followed with the revelation last Thursday that a break in a CRR Water Co. main had caused a quickly fixed disruption in service, but potential temporary contamination of water being provided to customers.
   The need to warn water customers to boil their water before consumption ran into an obstacle at the 911 system, which delayed its immediate distribution to customers.
   Both situations illustrate the need for a ready plan to promptly warn residents of an emergency in the offing requiring their vigilance and possible eventual action. Perhaps the role of the Publicity Committee could be expanded to include emergency announcements,too.
   Ranch Fire Chief Tim McLaren who would play an integral role in that function could not be reached for comment by press time. More on the issue will be forthcoming shortly because Johnson said it will be thoroughly aired at the July board meeting.
   Chamber Executive Director Hope Johnson thanked the board for its entry in the July 7 Independence Day parade, a long sought participation in that event by a Ranch board and the first in recent memory.
   Its presence will promote attendance at the parade by Ranchers interested in seeing what inventive entry the board comes up with.
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