Opening 5:30-7:30 p.m., Friday, July 6.

by: Photo by Susan Matheny -

Three artists will be featured in the "Triple Exposure" show at Art Adventure Gallery in Madras in July.
   Artists Rebecca Hendrickson, Coralee Popp and Jeanie Smith will talk about their work at the opening reception from 5:30-7:30 p.m., Friday, July 6, at the gallery at 185 S.E. Fifth St., Madras.
   Triple Exposure is a compelling look at art from three different artists who have known each other since 1991 and are each 10 years apart in age.
   Coralee Popp
   "Drawing is to art what the tonal scales are to music. These drawings made with oils on prepared paper are done quickly using live models.
   "This exercise demands the intense observation of forms, perspective and proportion, both real, and those created by lights and darks.
   "The basic concept is that all parts of an object, a landscape, a person (a problem) are locked into a proportional relationship which can not be capriciously changed.
   "The challenge is to see what that relationship is and to see it truly. Not what I think it might be, not what I think it should be or could be, but what it is.
   "Surrounded by these images later in my studio, contemplation resulted in the addition of minor elements to a few that were not present during the initial drawing.
   "Taking the step from direct observation to the imagination, for example, one figure seated with eyes closed is now accompanied by `Raphael's Angel.'
   "After a few more adjustments a decision was made to leave the works as they exist. The viewer is free to use their own imagination."
   Coralee Popp was born in Portland in 1946. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, sculpture and printmaking at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland with further study in Florence, Italy, at Studio Art Center International.
   She now resides in Madras, where she has public commissions at the Jefferson County Library and the Jefferson County Early Childhood Center, and has served as director of Art Adventure Gallery and Jefferson County Arts Association since 1994.
   Rebecca M. Hendrickson
   "At present, my work intends to investigate a sense of floating in space, a disconnect which so easily occurs in contemporary Western life which is overrun with fast, massive information.
   "The surfaces are layered with architecture which is built up and sometimes stripped back down. They are scraped and bruised, scratched and muscled, pierced and smudged."
   Hendrickson was born and raised in the evergreen state of Washington. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington and a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan.
   She has exhibited in galleries, museums, and has participated in public art projects. Hendrickson has taught collage-level art, directed a gallery, and worked as a textile designer in the industrial textile industry. Currently, she resides in the desert of Southern California.
   Jeanie Smith
   "I paint and create without intent, infatuated with the combining of colors, unaware of the end result until it happens.
   "There is a common thread of communication emerging from my work. It is a process weaving a web of connection between all beings; human, animal, plant, and birds, even the inert objects, all reacting each to the other.
   "When creating mixed media and collage work, I insert photos of past and current work, nature, and other experiences, often printed on canvas or fabric, transferred to a canvas, completing contemporary abstract images. Using paint and scissors as tools and my intuition as my guide, a narrative appears."
   Jeanie Smith began drawing and painting at the age of 5, encouraged by her family of artists. Known as a colorist, she paints and creates mixed media collage resulting in contemporary abstract, blending shape and form.
   Her sense of humor is often found in some detail or in the title. Featured in solo exhibits and group shows in Oregon and California, Smith received the Most Original award at the Palm Springs Art Museum in 2004. She resides in Warm Springs and Portland.
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