To the Editor,

   Times are really tough and a growing number of people can't afford to live on their very small incomes. Some of these people have had job losses and other financial reverses, but a growing number of these folks have found a way to survive. They move into a travel trailer or other RV and stay on the property of a relative. They hurt no one.
   Some of these folks live on such small incomes that they can't afford trailer park rent and still have enough money for basic living expenses, not to mention food. They are of a very proud and self-sufficient mindset that doesn't ask for any kind of assistance.
   Our little neighborhood has a 90-plus-year-old lady who has lived in her RV on the same property for about 20 years. There is a man who is 80-or-so-years-old and all he wants to do is grow his garden and watch over his son's place. Another couple includes a 78-year-old man who is seriously ill. He and his wife are some of the original purchasers of property in this neighborhood and they just want to come here to take a break from the Valley. These people and a couple of others have been told that they have to move somewhere else because someone complained to the county!
   The 90-year-old lady calls me daily. Sometimes she is crying. She says "What am I going to do?" I am heartbroken. I don't know what I, myself, am going to do, but I'm sure not gonna keep quiet. Ugly minds and ugly hearts can only rule our world if we allow it to happen. I want you all to know that if Grandma and Grandpa are living on your place in an RV, they may be next.
   I can't, in all honesty, blame Jefferson County for doing their job, but I sure hope that whoever complained, misses a lot of sleep and realizes what consequences their actions have caused. Look around people. This whole and very real segment of our society needs a voice because the only ones who say the economy is improving are the ones who sit behind a desk and haven't gone out in the real world.
   Thank you for listening.
   Marilyn Fiscus
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