>Board convenes for last time before August election
By John Bowler
   CRR Correspondent
   All eight remaining members of the Crooked River Ranch Club and Maintenance Association Board of Directors convened for the last time before the election of four new officers at the end of August.
   Board members at the meeting included three retiring directors and a replacement for Director Gail Day, who resigned last month due to the press of business duties.
   The usual 15 or so attendees were on hand, augmented by a handful of visitors. President Ben Johnson opened with member input, which included an invitation to the board from Seniors President Earleen Arthur to attend the Seniors' annual picnic Aug. 16.
   That was followed by a plea from a resident concerned about "the very the dangerous condition of Folley Waters Drive," which the resident said "deteriorates further with every significant rain."
   The complainant left without much more than assurance it would be looked into -- again. Directors Herb Parker and Vince Pelly said, in effect, that the road wasn't being fixed because it would be a costly fix and the money just wasn't available to do it.
   Next was a complaint from a resident who has been trying to stop his neighbor's seven roosters from disturbing him with constant crowing. He cited a specific Ranch bylaw prohibiting such a nuisance and asked why there didn't seem to be anybody at the Ranch or the county with either the authority or willingness to do anything about it.
   He left with an assurance from Johnson and several board members that enforcement of Ranch bylaws is high on their list of priorities and they would keep him informed of progress.
   Next, Ranch Administrator Judith LaPora said that an employee of the year had been selected and would be announced with presented of a plaque of appreciation soon.
   A member of the Ranch auditor firm said they would be presenting a preview of the newly revised audit and financial statements to the board at a special meeting Aug. 20.
   When queried by Vice President Jim Martin about his personal view of how the Ranch was doing, the auditor replied that "It is in good shape operationally, and better than last year."
   The board approved sending a letter to the Jefferson County Commission asking if it would support placement of a pad for an RV at Panorama Park. The pad's purpose would be to have it occupied by someone in an attempt to prevent further acts of vandalism that have plagued the facility in recent years.
   The board approved purchase of an aerator for the golf course at a bargain place and very favorable terms because it is a demo model with a few hours of operation.
   Further discussion of the disc golf course was postponed because the course in Sisters has yet to be viewed. Director Vene Dunham was appointed to head up a new committee to bring the project to a decision point in due course.
   The meeting adjourned before noon to go into executive session.
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