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   Gordon Pete Weiland
   December 28, 1930 - July 29, 2012
   Gordon "Gordy" Weiland passed away in his home July 29, 2012, after a long battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. He was 81 years old.
   Gordon was born in Scotland, S.D., on Dec. 28, 1930. He served in the U.S. Army. After the service, he got into a training program for auto mechanics. He became a certified Ford mechanic, and well-versed in most makes/models. His favorite make of car was Subaru; he would say they are "good little cars." Gordon was always willing to provide auto advice or service to those needing help.
   At the age of 20, he married Dorothy Bell. Becoming an instant dad, he helped raise her three wonderful daughters, Dawn Tiemann, Donna Gries, and Dee Jones. After 27 years of marriage to Dorothy, they went their separate ways.
   Gordon later met Patricia Weiland, moved to Oregon and they were married in 1978. Gordon was given another instant opportunity to help raise Pat's young daughters, Jamasa and Autumn Sattler. He worked a short time for Campbell Motors in Hermiston before Harley Swain Subaru recruited him to work for them. After five years working for Harley Swain Subaru, Gordon led the family to South Dakota, where he went to work for his previous employer Denima Ford in Canton.
   His wife, Pat, bought a caf‚ and Gordon could be found there on weekends and every evening after work. Gordon was a permanent part-time employee of the Wee Kitchen where he supported his wife in the operations of the caf‚. He could be seen vacuuming, taking out garbage, even serving coffee.
   In the early 1990s, the family returned to Oregon, where Gordon retired and took a part-time job as shuttle driver for Kah-Nee-Ta. He worked there for a number of years before being diagnosed with COPD.
   Approximately 15 years later, he passed from this earth in the presence of his adoring wife. Everyone who knew Gordy would say he was a devoted husband and father. He was always there for this family, and he was the pillar of strength when times got tough. He knew how to have fun and he also knew the importance of teaching his daughters the value of work. They were raised with a firm hand and a kind heart.
   Gordon enjoyed spending time with family and traveling to various places. During his spare time, he was an avid painter; his paintings reflected his love and respect for nature's beauty.
   Gordon shared his final days surrounded by his family; he was a man loved by many.
   He leaves behind his beloved wife of over 30 years, Pat Weiland; five daughters; one brother; sisters in-law; brothers-in-law; a feisty mother-in-law; eight grandchildren; a handful of great-grandchildren; and many friends.
   He joins his mother and father, his sister, and his granddaughter Brandi Tiemann/Grib in heaven where he no longer suffers in pain and can breathe in all the air he needs.
   If Gordon could pass along one thing to others, it would be to treat each other with kindness and respect, to let hurt feelings dissolve and try to build on the positives people have to offer.
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