>   What is the largest single object in the night sky that your eye can see? How far away is the nearest constellation? What are black holes, and can we pass through them?
   Area residents can find answers to these questions and more when a portable planetarium from the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry comes to Jefferson County.
   The planetarium will be at the Jefferson County Library's Rodriguez Annex from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 29.
   OMSI's Discover Dome shows the stars and constellations observable in the night sky and can help people identify other celestial objects such as planets and galaxies.
   Participants will discover how stars are formed and self-destruct, and gain a greater appreciation of the vastness of the universe.
   Young and amateur astronomers will also travel in time by learning star stories from OMSI staff about queens, heroes, and mythical monsters while viewing the constellations that inspired the legends of ancient cultures.
   The planetarium visit is sponsored by OMSI in collaboration with Libraries of Eastern Oregon and the Jefferson County Library District.
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