>   To the Editor,
   Rob Berg and his crew did an outstanding job for the Airshow of the Cascades this year. The grounds were clean and everything went amazingly smooth. The crew that organized this year's event did superb.
   The traffic problems from past years were solved and getting in and out went quick and efficient. Even the drivers were courteous and taking turns. The parking was great this year and the amount of shuttles to get people in and out and around the show were a life safer to the elderly and others that the heat affects. The crews were knowledgeable when you asked a question and they did it with a smile. The police and firemen were around all the time looking for people with problems or problems brewing. Both groups patrolled the area constantly.
   The booths were clean and the food great with a good variety of things to choose from. The car show drew some goodlooking cars with a lot of variety there, too. There were things to entertain while waiting for planes, such as the motorcycle riders, the parachutes. I enjoyed the race between the Henry J. and the airplane. My favorite was the ball drop and so glad that was added. It was fun, but I wish someone had been coming around selling balls, as I never did find where to get one.
   So, a big high-five to Rob Berg's crew and all the volunteers that organized, ran and worked the air show. You did a fantastic job. I don't even like airplanes and I am still looking forward to next year. So many people come it is like a big reunion seeing people I haven't seen for years. A good social event for Madras.
   Linda Warren Larson
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